What is Kefir?


Kefir  (ke-feer)

A live cultured probiotic beverage of fermented milk, or water. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids.


What is Kefir? - Picture of Milk Kefir Grains

Milk Kefir Grains

Kefir Grains

Kefir is traditionally made with milk. Which has been fermented using kefir grains. These kefir grains look rather strange when first observed. They are not grains for a start! The kefir grains look more like lumps of boiled stodgy rice, or over steamed cauliflower florets. Kefir grains are soft and squidgy to touch, and are typically a creamy white to an off white yellowish colour, and almost translucent.


Fifty Plus Strains of Probiotics

Kefir grains are an incredible combination of living beneficial yeasts, and good bacteria known as probiotics, living as one in a symbiotic relationship, bound by lipids, proteins, and sugars. Probiotics refer to any organism, or substance that contribute to gastrointestinal balance. Over Fifty strains of live probiotic have been identified in this wonderful beverage. It literally contains Billions of live cultures, which are great for gut health. These live cultures take up residence in your gastrointestinal tract, along with one hundred trillion other microorganisms known as the human microbiome.


Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements, and Essential Amino Acids


From most to least abundant:



Vitamin C, B2, E, Niacin (vitamin B3), D, A, B6, Carotene, Thiamine (vitamin B1), Folic acid, B12.



Potassium, Calcium, Chloride, Phosphorus, Sodium, Magnesium.


Trace Elements

Zinc, Iron, Copper, Molybdenum, Manganese.


Essential Amino Acids

Phenylalanine+tyrosine, Leucine, Lysine, Valine, Isoleucine, Threonine, Methionine+cysteine, Tryptophan.


Health Benefits

There is evidence to show the health benefits of kefir. It has been shown to build stronger bones, boost your immune system, treat gastrointestinal disorders, and even reduce anxiety. Kefir has also been shown to have cancer fighting properties!
So, what is kefir? Well, kefir really is one of the best probiotic foods known to humanity. Kefir provides an almighty army of probiotics colonising your gut, helping preserve you from within.